Friday, January 29, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

It's been forever (and no, I'm not resorting to hyperbole at all). But somehow the Christmas vacation got me. I baked, but I didn't take pictures and if you don't do that, blogs just aren't any fun. But good things are on the baking horizon! I'm taking Wilton decorating classes! Which means I get to bake a cake a week until I can't afford the classes or the cakes anymore.
Course 1, Week1-
POURED on us this day! Crazy weather, but no cake the first class. We did watch Barbara, the instructor, frost a cake.
Week 2-
The Rainbow Cake! We basically just make the cake that Wilton tells us to in these classes. Creatively stifling but I suppose it's all about learning the technique. This week was Tip 16 stars. I joined up with the lady beside me to share frosting. My cake:
Check out the rainbow awesomeness! That's some mad piping skills right there! My colors were the red and yellow, my new buddy's frosting is the green and blue. Just for the record, go with AmeriColors, not the Wilton stuff. You can see the quality difference.
The timing was good though; apparently there was a rather nice rainbow this night.
Sorry for the strange pictures. I got lazy after class last night and forgot to take pictures. These I did with my phone when I got to work. I was happy that my coworkers were willing to eat lots of cake for breakfast on a Friday morning and they managed to only leave a small slice of the 3 layer 8" cake.
Really, I did learn a cool trick with piping gel to transfer patterns onto the cake and I think I'll definitely be using that in the future. Next week is Scary-Ass Clown Week(TM). Seriously, why does Wilton think anyone wants a clown cake? Much less one with the scary plastic heads. It's a Wilton conspiracy to keep people actually buying those heads. I'll post pictures of that one and then promptly get someone else to eat it.