Sunday, November 20, 2011

Y? Because we like you!

I had the opportunity to make a semi-wedding cake. I say semi because the wedding was held a while back at Disneyworld, but the happy couple wanted to share an evening with their friends here in the desert. The groom works at TCTMNBN with the hubbin. I might refer to him as the hubbin's boyfriend.

I was given pretty much free reign with the design. For some decorators this is freeing, but I will admit that it mortified me. What to do?! Good thing I have been jonesing to try quilting on a cake. Add in a Mickey and Minnie topper to use, and I ended up with a cake that was elegant and understated.

I like to post a sneak peek on Facebook while I'm working on the cake. Here's the one I posted the other night:

Of course here are the pictures you are here for:
The cake topper was from the wedding in Disneyworld, it was part of the package and the couple wanted to use it at this party. Minnie's dress actually served as my inspiration. I took the pearls and the roses and used them in the cake.

The quilting was actually a lot easier than I expected, but I'm looking for a tool that is supposed to make it even easier.

The roses gave the cake a bit of color that is was lacking.

Did you notice the awesome cake stand? I talked my parents into buying it for me while we were in an antique shop. I doubt it's an "antique," but I thought it was pretty.

Congratulations to Matt and Daina!