Saturday, March 20, 2010

Because ducks have heads

"What kind of scary ass clowns came to your birthday parties?!"

Oh Friends, is there a single situation in life that doesn't have an appropriate reference?

Yes, this was the week of the ScaryAss Clown Cake(TM). I still don't understand why Wilton's thinks these things are a good idea. Should a cake give you nightmares?

I have to admit, these little guys aren't quite as terrible as expected. They're looking a little droopy here because the head is too heavy for the body. I think the buttercream was a little thin.

 Sadly, I had something of a cake catastrophe. I bought some clearance white chocolate after Christmas and wanted to make a white chocolate cake. Easy, right? Then I decided that white chocolate goes really well with raspberries, so awesome filling.

My problems included:
1) The recipe made a 3-layer cake. Which means it barely fit into the cake carrier. And definately wouldn't hold the Scary Ass Clowns (TM) on top. So I just stuck the disembodied heads on the top of the cake.  :) Sorry, didn't take pictures of this. Even that was too tall for the cake carrier.

2) I didn't really think my raspberry mousse filling through. It completely collapsed on me. Which meant that all my icing on the cake started sliding down. Next time I try this, I think I'll start with Bettercream for the filling.

So on top of the top of the cake being messed up from having to remove the disembodied Scarry Ass Clown (TM) heads to bring the cake home, I had drooping frosting on the sides. Please excuse the terrible lighting in the last picture. It was taken with my cell phone early the next morning before sending it off to TCTMNBN for the hubbin to share.
Take note of the drooping dots on the side too. But taste-wise I still got complements. No one complains about free baked goods. So decorating was a wash, but it wasn't a complete disaster.

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  1. oh yeah it was tasty...even if the decorating is clearly not your best work there :)