Friday, March 26, 2010

Life in the Desert

All the flowers this week seemed appropriate. It rained all winter and it's been beautiful and warm for a week now. The whole desert has turned bright green (yes, it does happen) and started to bloom. A wonderful way to start the spring.

Week 3 of Course 2 was more flowers! Did I mention before how much I like these flowers? I had some triumphs (whoo-hoo primrose) and some tragedies (mums), but got a whole mess of flowers for the cake for the last class and a homework assignment to make a whole bunch more.

We startede with mums. They didn't go well for me. Though I think it was more of an icing consistency issue than anything else.
I think a little time and practice will help the mums out. Good think I need to make about a dozen more.

The daisies were an issue too. My petals liked to make a spiral shape rather than radial petals. And the first half always looked better than the last half because I'd drag the tip through the ones I'd already made. But they're just too dang cute.
We also made daffodils, which I loved because I got to use my mad petal skills on these. Again, this looks ratty, but I made it pretty early on and I didn't finish up the later ones yet.
But these last two were by far my very favorite. Pressed for time, we sadly didn't get to make many of these during class.

I LOVED the pansies. Though they made me think of my mother's bathroom. I tried a couple different color combinations.
White and yellow:
Aren't those the most amazing petals ever? Couldn't you just DIE?!
And yellow and purple:

I think I will paruse the interwebs and find some fun color combinations for the rest of them. Some bag striping seems appropriate.

But out of all of the flowers, my favorite is the primrose. They're supposed to be pink, but this was in the last 10 minutes of class, so I just used the white bag already prepped. But I ADORE these flowers and the sweet little heart-shaped petals.
I had to make a flower collection my freshman year of high school for my PreAPBiology class. And the pink evening primrose was one of the flowers that made it into my collection. So I'm looking forward to making more of these.

Next up is the final cake! We'll get to see all these flowers and sightless birds together!

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