Friday, June 25, 2010

Ruffles and Bows

Okay, so at least for this one, just ruffles (I'll get to the bows in a few posts). I'm all done with my Wilton's classes now, but I've been a total punk and haven't posted anything in a while. I took wonderfully low quality pictures will my phone during classes though, so I'd have some to share.

Wh got the opportunity to play with swags and ruffles and some other buttercream techniques. I actually loved this a lot. My piping skills are horribly lacking and I appreciate an excuse to use some of the 20 bazillion tips I own.

Lesson #1- Embroidery
This is cool and looks pretty neat and not all tacky like a bunch of Wilton's stuff. This would be awesome with a bunch of these flowers done on a fondant-covered cake.
Lesson #2- Swags
So these get either tacky or wickedly awesome. I've seen some really cool, traditional wedding cakes using swags. But I thought this was kinda fun one way or the other. The way to test that your frosting consistency is correct is to swag your finger. Buttercream was on its best behavior this day. Note the picture of the cake in the photo to show what you can actually do with this.
Lesson #3- Ruffles
These were suprisingly easy. It's a nice way to border a cake.
Lesson #4-Double Ruffles
These were totally my favorite. And it's one of the tackiest cakes ever made, but this is how you do the Barbie cake skirt. Gotta find someone with a birthday to really put this to the test.

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