Friday, August 6, 2010

A Coconut Flavored Disaster

Sigh........... People, this is what happens when you don't: #1-Have the right pans, #2-Line the pans you do have properly, #3-take the cakes out of the pans before they cool, #4-reheat the pans when you warm them up the morning after you bake them but don't get them out while the pan is still warm, #5-Have time to rebake cakes that have fallen appart when you took them out of said cooled pans, #6-make enough frosting to spackle the broken cakes together, then nice thick layers of frosting between the broken layers to support them, #7-use Crisco in your frosting to give it some structure instead of the butter just melting and taking the cake down, #8-get much effectiveness when you try to stick straws into the cake to hold it upright when the right side of the cake decides to declare civil war on the left side and seced from the nation and when you DO #9-feel so sad for the cake and the giant fissure opening up in the top that you just cover the whole damn thing with coconut and hope no one notices.

The sad, saggy cake:
What is apparently the cake equivalent of the Mason-Dixon line:
On the right side: the rebels. (Yes I'm from Texas where rebel flags aren't exactly uncommon). On the left: the rest of the nation. And smeared all over it: the valient coconut buttercream trying desperately to hold this little nation together.

It took a trip to the fridge and some squeezing and cussing on my part, but though the rift remained, it never was able to fully break the cake apart. War averted. And it sure tasted pretty good too! Even my "I don't like coconut" hubbin ate a slice or two. I'll try this recipe out again soon. And I will avoid the cake sins I commited on this poor little fellow.

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  1. haha, good post! :) The coconut did disguise the fissure pretty well :)