Thursday, September 29, 2011

Avast, ye matey!

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of milk. It's a one-year-old, as much as I try to get him to say naughty words I can't condone underage drinking. Following a recent theme in my cake world, I had one more first birthday cake this weekend. It was a pirate party! Which seems fitting since International Talk Like a Pirate Day was earlier in the week.

I was just happy because a pirate ship was on my wish list. I'm going to do a post sometime about my list, that way when you're planning your next party you can consult the list to see which themes you should choose from.  (Sparkly pink princess castle, you know you want it)

Of course you've met the birthday boy a while back. It feels like that was forever ago, but he shouldn't be walking and talking like a real, live little person yet. Since it was a joint Camden/Daddy birthday, Dad got to pick the flavor of the cake. Of course carrot. And it went way better for me than the last time I tried to make carrot cake for Erik's birthday.

But you're just here for pictures, right? I stole all of these pictures from Melinda, just a like a real pirate would. She takes prettier pictures than me.

Camden's cake! Every kid needs their own cake for their first birthday, mainly so momma can get adorable pictures of her kid covered in frosting but everyone else gets to eat cootie-free cake. The idea came from Wilton's cake catalog. The treasure map was all mine though.

Side view of the smash cake. You won't see the other side because someone might have forgotten the nonskid liner under the cake before driving away from the house with the cakes and may have put his/her finger through the other side the first tight corner when the cake went sliding across the box.

The birthday boy seemed to enjoy it, at least the chocolately frosting.

 And the aftermath:

And the big cake:
Every pirate ship needs a cannon.

The happiest Jolly Roger ever made. And if you look just to the starboard side of the ship (that's the right side of the ship, and yes I had to look it up to check), you will notice a little shark following along. An ode to Camden's early life known only as the nongender specific Sharkie.

The stars of the show! This is non-racially-offensive "Erik." I gave him a six-pack and nipples. But no ears.

And baby pirate Camden! With a peg leg, cause all pirates have a peg leg, right?

The cake turned out really yummy and super moist. The frosting wasn't too sweet either, which I was worried about since I was using a crusting cream cheese recipe under the fondant.

Blimey! This ship was given no quarter in the vicious attack in search of me booty! This pirate speak stuff is hard. But I feel the need to throw in a "brass monkey" and a "landlubber" just cause.The aftermath:

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  1. Thanks for such a cute set of cakes Kelli! I feel like I didn't get enough close up pictures...or really good pictures. Sorry about that! :-/