Saturday, September 24, 2011

Test Run

I had a cake coming up for a very special one-year-old (pictures soon) who is allergic to eggs. So I Googled "eggless cake" and tried the first recipe I found. It was pretty highly rated, easy, and most of all, eggless. The best part? It was actually pretty yummy and I'm glad I have this recipe filed away now. It takes a lot of orange juice, so it has a little bit of an orange flavor. I'm assuming the acid and baking soda do all the leavening work.

I made cupcakes to do a trial run and let the momma of the allergic ankle biter try out the cake. So of course my coworkers got to try them. :) I had strawberries left over from the Spiderman cake, so I mixed them into the frosting. It made it super runny and I may still have some in the freezer that is pretty soft even now. Enough extra buttercream added in and here is what I ended up with:
How pretty is that on the black background? That's a counter top at work. :)

I love the wrappers, but I got them at Ikea and now I need the pans that go with them because they're narrower than normal muffin tins and so they splayed out really bad.

Look at all those lovely bits of strawberry!
The cake was good, but everyone definitely liked the frosting the best.

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  1. it's true, the cake was really good, but the frosting was the star :)